For your assignment you must each choose an example of evolution by natural selection. You must do research on this example and acquire enough knowledge on it that you can teach your peers about your chosen example. Each student will create a blog style post where they will introduce their example in 300-400 words. You must include images, videos, and supplementary readings. Don’t forget to cite any of your sources. This part of the assignment will be due July 1st at 10pm.

The second part of this assignment requires you to interact with your peers. This includes, leaving thoughtful comments, elaborating on their example, and asking questions on at least 2 of your peers posts in 100-200 words.

Your assignments will be submitted to your teacher as a word document. I will put each individual assignment into a post under the “Interactive Community” tab. Once these are all posted you can make comments on the posts. The comments must be submitted by July 7th at 10pm.

Please do not just summarize your findings, relate these to the readings you have done in the course and the videos you have watched. Please give original insight into your topic. I want to see students being creative, rather than reproducing information. This is an opportunity to research and explore a new topic.