Free Inquiry #6

Free Inquiry #6: A Change of Scenery

For the Thanksgiving weekend I decided that a safer bet would be to pass on a family gathering this year. Instead I elected to have a Friendsgiving. This involved bundling up my whole bubble and going to the family Cabin on Pender. This was a nice change of pace from long stints I had been spending sitting at my dining room table staring at a screen. Also it gave me a chance to visit the Pender Island Disk Golf Park. This park is actually where I first started playing many summers ago. It was only recently when I found out that Victoria had its own course that I started playing more earnestly.

I thought it would be a nice time show off each of the courses and do a little comparison of them.

The local course in Victoria is located just off Millstream road. It has 18 holes which consist of either hanging metal rods or sheet metal wrapped stakes. Due to the limited size of the lot, the holes are oriented so that they overlap one another. This means that you have to keep your wits about you while you play.

As you can see there are clear fairways in many of the courses, although you can always be daring and attempt to cut through the trees. Some of the holes are elevated which forces you to shoot uphill, downhill or across gullies.

The Pender island course is located on South Pender. There are 27 holes (3 sets of 9) with a combination of pole style holes as well as cage nets.

As you can see there isĀ  a large variety in the kinds of holes seen. Some are quite rocky while others are level and flat. There was one hole that included a 20 meter vertical gain from start to finish. There are also holes that use the trees in interesting ways (see the arbutus caged hole in the gallery above)

The very best thing about the Pender course is that I got to do it with friends.

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