Weekly Reflection #7

Episode 7: Flipping the Classroom, but like not literally… that would make a mess

One of the aspects of EDCI 336 that I have appreciated has been the use of the “flipped” classroom model. This method is centered around providing instructional material to students before arriving to class. This is especially beneficial for students as it accounts for the various learning speeds of the group. Content can be taught through instructional videos outside of class time. This allows in person (or on zoom) time to be spent on group activities that deepen understanding and foster application of concepts.

After the “in-class” portion has been completed, students are given activities or reflections that help them extend there understanding.

One thing to be aware of when teaching a flipped style class, is that it relies on student motivation and engagement.  Teachers have to keep student engagement high otherwise the efficacy of instruction decreases. Helping students build a sense of self-responsibility is important as this method of instruction puts more of the onus of learning on the student.

Here was a great video I found which showed the practical application of this style of classroom

While this is just one way that this may look, there is great flexibility for instructors to structure their classes differently, perhaps using different types of technological mediums. This will be something I look forward exploring more in the future. Especially with the worldwide shift towards online instruction I am sure that new resources will be plentiful in the coming months. Not all of these will  be ideal but I am confident there will be some diamonds in the rough.



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