Free Inquiry #4

Free Inquiry #4: Forehand? I only have Twohand.

Because I am left handed, I must approach many of the hole slightly differently. Where others would use a powerful backhand throw to curve around a patch of trees, this would be inappropriate for me. So I had to develop my forehand throw rather early on.

Here is a quick tutorial for how to do this throw:

Fortunately this throw uses many of the principles that I am familiar with from martial arts. Its almost as if body mechanics is universal…weird. For this throw it is important that you not restrict your motion with closed hips. We create motion and momentum with the X-step and then open the hips and allow the torque we have generated to be translated from our legs and hips to our throwing arm.

For me this throw is at best inconsistent. Aside from my shoddy aim, the real difficulty is keeping the throw flat. As of yet this is a skill I lack. On the occasions that I have successfully implemented the throw, the results have been quite satisfactory. That being said even the most beautiful of shots has a 50% percent chance of going straight into a tree.

Here is an example of that:

Mike deserves this for being so cocky with this throw.

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